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Everything you need to Measure, Manage and Magnify the team productivity, REMOTELY
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Computer Activity Monitoring
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Time Tracking
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Productivity Monitoring
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Discipline is the key to success

Increase discipline and productivity

Tracking sub consciously increases discipline and eliminates abuse of work hours, thereby ensuring that the team stays productive and focused on achieving the goals.

Focused teams go a long way in making the organizations successful!!

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Introspection and improvisation

Well recorded activity logs and suggestive analysis creates room for the end users/ employees to self scrutinize their day to day activities and identify their dark spots.

This helps employees improvise their daily as well as long term work planners and become better ASSETS for their organization.

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Self Srutiny
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Measure what matters

Eliminate recurring operational & non productive activities

Automatic work tracking, idle time notifications, browsing history, productivity reports not only save a lot of management time but also leaves with management, a lot of time for strategic and productive decision making.

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Save time
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Auto reports
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Strategic decision making
We all know the issues around Working from Home and the ever increasing demand of COLLABORATING and effective TEAM MANAGEMENT while working REMOTELY.

FEAR NOT. Beejak does away with all of that.

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